Tales from the Yucatan Jungle Book Trailer

Tales from the Yucatan Jungle book trailer shows the highlights from Kristine Ellingson’s book. It’s a story about her experiences when she leaves everything to live in a Mayan village. The book trailer, below, shows Ellingson’s transformation from a high-end jewelry designer in the U.S. to the wife of a Mayan man in Yucatan. She leaves everything for love.

Tales from the Yucatan Jungle

When Ellingson left her home in the U.S., she planned for a short trip to Yucatan. At the time,  she had two grown children and a marriage on the rocks. For peace of mind, she had to get away and find direction and meaning in her life. However, much to her surprise, her stop in Yucatan stretched out longer than she expected. It was permanent.

Where would you go if you needed to get away from it all? What would happen if you never came back? Your life would change forever as it does for Kristine Ellingson in Mexico.

In addition, the book trailer video shows some of the difficulties she encounters and writes about in Tales from the Yucatan Jungle: Life in a Mayan Village. To see the video, just click on the image above.

Carol Chapman

Hi, I'm Carol Chapman. I first traveled to Yucatan to find images of my Atlantis past life memories in Mayan ruins. I've continued to visit this wonderful land and it's amazing people because I love the place.

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