Where the Maya live in Mexico

Where the Maya live in Mexico has been an unknown for many people. With all the information on the Mayan Prophecies and the End of the World saturating the media during 2012, you would think that people worldwide would know where the Maya live. But, many people haven’t a clue where the Maya live in Mexico.

Well, the map shows where the Maya live, which is in the Yucatan Peninsula. It looks like a thumb sticking out into the Caribbean Sea.

Where the Maya Live in MexicoAt the top of the thumb, you can see the Mexican state of Yucatan. Then, on either side of Yucatan and in the middle of the thumb are the states of Campeche and Quintana Roo.

Then, further south, you can see the Mexican states of Tabasco, home of Tabasco sauce, and Chiapas, the location of the famous Mayan ruin of Palenque.

The Maya also live in the Central American countries of Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvadore (cut off at the bottom of the map).

Even though, on a map, these areas appear to be separate locations, nonetheless, the whole area comprises the native land of the Maya.


Carol Chapman

Hi, I'm Carol Chapman. I first traveled to Yucatan to find images of my Atlantis past life memories in Mayan ruins. I've continued to visit this wonderful land and it's amazing people because I love the place.

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