Where is the Yucatan Peninsula?

Where is the Yucatan Peninsula? On the map of Mexico, below, you can see that Mexico looks like a hand, and the Yucatan Peninsula looks like a thumb. The thumb sticks out into the Caribbean Sea.

Interestingly, the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula extends close to both Cuba and Florida.

Where is the Yucatan Peninsula?My husband and I love travelling in Yucatan. It is in southern Mexico. We find it very safe and enjoyable.

We love to go to Yucatan in the depths of the winter, because it is so wonderfully warm there. While the snow blows and the Arctic winds whip in the northern countries, we find warm, balmy weather in Yucatan.


Carol Chapman

Hi, I'm Carol Chapman. I first traveled to Yucatan to find images of my Atlantis past life memories in Mayan ruins. I've continued to visit this wonderful land and it's amazing people because I love the place.

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