Tulum Condo is not safe

Tulum condo is not safe

The beautiful beach at the Tulum archeological site. Copyright 2008 Carol Chapman

It turns out that the Tulum condo is not safe. It’s not that tourists need fear violent activity in the Tulum area. It’s that they need to be aware of faulty appliances.

Iowa Family Found Dead in Tulum Condo

As it turns out, the Iowa family or four that were found dead in a Tulum condo died of harmful gases, which either came from the hot water heater or the gas stove. For more of the details, please turn to this MSN News article.

I feel so sad to learn this cause of their death. That the Tulum condo is not safe is the kind of problem that could happen anywhere. I assume the Iowa tourists kept the windows of the condo closed to maximize air conditioning otherwise, the toxic gases could have been diluted by fresh air.

Tulum is Safe for Tourists

Well, although this news is a terrible tragedy, nonetheless, I feel happy to know that Tulum and its beautiful beaches continues to be a safe destination for tourists. I’d just suggest that you keep your windows opened at night and let the refreshing breezes off of the Caribbean Sea cool you instead of keeping the windows closed.




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