When We Were Gods Table of Contents

When We Were Gods book coverWhen We Were Gods: Insights on Atlantis, Past Lives, Angelic Beings of Light and Spiritual Awakening

Table of Contents

Author’s Note
Author’s Notes to the Second Revised Edition

Part I: When We Were Gods

Chapter 1: The Man of my Dreams
Chapter 2: Trouble in Paradise
Chapter 3: In the Beginning
Chapter 4: Fat Karma
Chapter 5: The Vision
Chapter 6: The Golden Ones
Chapter 7: God is Greater
Chapter 8: The Light Without
Chapter 9: The Dark Force
Chapter 10: The Light Force
Chapter 11: The Life to Come
Chapter 12: Love of the Physical
Chapter 13: Going Crazy
Chapter 14: A Message From Pan
Chapter 15: Flying Snake
Chapter 16: The Fifth Root Race
Chapter 17: The Brotherhood
Chapter 18: The Tower and the Crystal
Chapter 19: Snake Transportation
Chapter 20: The Great Pyramid
Chapter 21: When We Were Gods
Chapter 22: Death is the New Thing
Chapter 23: Feathered Serpent
Chapter 24: A New World
Chapter 25: Epilogue

Part II: Articles

Chapter 26: Introduction to the Articles
Chapter 27: “From Obesity to the Fifth Root Race” published in Venture Inward
Chapter 28: “Melting Off the Pounds: The Sun Diet” published in Whole Life Times
Chapter 29: “Arcturus is Home” published in Fate
Chapter 30: “The Great Crystal” published in Circle Magazine
Chapter 31: “Searching for the Hall of Records in the Yucatan” published in Venture Inward
Chapter 32: “The Man of My Dreams” published in Dream Network
Chapter 33: “In the Mouth of the Snake” published in Alternate Perceptions

Author Biography

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